Farrow Wedding

May 10, 2018

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My first wedding in the books! Truth be told, I was terrified to photograph this day. I was very excited – don’t get me wrong – but I felt totally inadequate as a photographer. Did I know what I was about to dive into? Heck no! It took me a couple of years to finally jump on the “wedding photography bandwagon” because I never felt “professional” enough to produce professional, wedding day images… but I’m so thankful that Kaylee and Austin trusted me enough to document their story and having me play such a huge role in their wedding day. This wedding was gorgeous, and the people were even better! Their ceremony was held on Kaylee’s aunt’s property in a grassy field and the decor was simple, yet beautifully bohemian. They lined the first few rows with wooden church pews, and the “aisle” and “altar” were lined with eclectic colored rugs! My absolute favorite decor were the glass jars hung from the wooden arbor and filled with flowers. I hope you’ll enjoy a few of my favorite images from this day!