I am Megan Glover, the portrait photographer behind Megan Glover Photography.
Born and raised in North Carolina, and plan to stick around for awhile!

When I am not behind the camera, you will almost always find me with this sweet family of mine. My husband, Nicholas, is my number one fan, and I still feel giddy when he walks into the room. Our children are the light in our eyes! I always say "we have our own circus," because we have four amazing and chaotic kids... starting at six years old and down. Yes, you read that correctly! We had our first two and then twins! All together, we love our Lord, Jesus Christ, and we enjoy life's simple pleasures, like watching movies (after the kids are asleep) on lazy evenings. Ha! Often times, you can find me in the kitchen, whipping up new recipes I’ve discovered on Pinterest, and singing along to my favorite worship songs on Youtube.

When it comes to photography, I absolutely love having someone in front of my lens. It seems like the world shines brighter and the unseen details of life suddenly become known. I genuinely enjoy becoming friends with every client that allows me into the most intimate moments of their life ...and if you'll have me, I would love to be your photographer - for life! That's right. I want to be there to capture those precious, growing moments with you and never miss a beat.

about megan

my why

My husband, Nicholas, and I have experienced some deeply hard times in our marriage. So hard, in fact, that we were hanging on by a very small thread at one point. Making it through the darkness to the other side of HIS light felt impossible at times. And yet, we hung on and fought for those vows that we made on Dec 3rd, 2016. Remembering our wedding day and the promises that we made to one another literally kept me from drowning. We are so thankful for our Heavenly Father’s sweet whispers that carried us over those obstacles into His grace and love. 

Now, when I deliver the images that I have photographed for my couples, it is my greatest hope that, through both the good times and through the hard times that inevitably come with marriage, they will be able to look back and remember the love and the joy that was there on that wedding day. And that, they too, will hang on and believe that their marriage is worth fighting for. Because it most certainly is! Mark 10:9 "What God has joined together, let no man separate!" 

THE REASON I DO what i do