Camden Peterson

Jun 2, 2019


I ventured to Fayetteville yesterday to photograph this little man, Camden! I hardly ever travel to Fayetteville, so it was nice to drive a new route, so to say! Fun Fact: These newborn photographs were made RIGHT ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR. Ha! Granted, I had some pillows and blankets, but that’s where the best natural light fell. I really love coming into my client’s homes and making them feel comfortable throughout the entire experience. Especially with newborns, you never know what they’ll do, so having a lot of patience is a must! I lingered here for about 2 hours with the Peterson’s because I TRULY wanted to give them the VERY BEST photographs of their son in his first few weeks of life. Ashley’s mother happened to be in town, so of course we included her in some shots, too! Camden is very loved by his family, and I am honored to have been asked to photograph him!