Cara Chapman

Jul 19, 2019

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This maternity session with Cara will forever be one of my favorites! This was actually my very first maternity session on the beach! I love how these turned out, and I’m so glad Cara trusted me enough to pick this spot at Fort Fisher beach. She is always down for my location suggestions, and that makes me happy! Cara is expecting Everleigh Rose at any minute! I am literally waiting for the call, so I can meet her at the hospital to document E’s birth story. How exciting! Little Hazel Grace tagged along on this day, of course! All she wanted to do was enjoy the sun and water (and I don’t blame her). Then, she got really sleepy, and only wanted Momma to hold her – which made for some precious photos! The only person missing was Leroy – Cara’s husband – who is currently deployed to Afghanistan, but is on his way home to meet his new, little babygirl! YAY. I am so excited for this sweet family, and I just love documenting these precious memories for them. Enjoy!