Taylor Pope

Sep 5, 2020

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I am in love with the locations we visited for this senior session, and Taylor was an absolute natural! Funny story: I was asking my husband earlier that week for an idea of location for this shoot, and he told me I should visit the “colorful umbrella mural in Erwin.” I had no clue what mural he was talking about, and I definitely couldn’t follow along when he tried to explain to me how to get there. So, I asked my best friend if she had any idea about this mural, and she was like “Oh yea, it’s in Erwin!” Long story short… Taylor followed behind me in her car as we made our way to a street in Erwin, where I was told this colorful mural would be. We get there and nothing! We continue looking for this wall until we discover it’s actually in DUNN. Thank God Taylor had zero plans and totally didn’t care! Note to self: make sure you know where you’re going before a session. Lesson learned.