Karsyn & Dustin

Nov 14, 2020

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Remember viewing a recent blog post of the new Mr and Mrs Matthew Spell in Salemburg, NC? Well, Dustin happened to be one of their many groomsmen! Funny story, actually: After the Spell wedding, we were making portraits of the entire bridal party – lots of commotion, right? – and Dustin was totally not looking at the camera, only making every man around him laugh, and I yelled out “HEY, YOU, with the mullet!!” He automatically looked at me, grinned, and pointed in my direction… and we all died laughing. Best wedding memory ever. I did not meet Karsyn at their wedding, but after she contacted me and shared that she was “mullet man’s” fiance, I was so thrilled to become their photographer! HA! We obviously had lots of laughs at their engagement session, and I can’t wait for their wedding day! Enjoy these favorites of mine.