Christmas Minis 2020

Dec 15, 2020

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Christmas Minis have come and gone, again! I’m so thankful for another wonderful year, and grateful for every family that continues to come out and support me. I always enjoy seeing your children one year older, or meeting a little one for the first time! These would not be possible without my husband and mom. Every year, I basically make them haul around a ton of props and pack them all up again when it’s over! Ha! Also, Mrs. Gail Adams has so graciously let me use her property multiple times now, and it just may become a tradition because it’s absolutely gorgeous at this location! Over twenty families came out this year, and that’s way too many images to try and post in one blog, so I’ve added two of my favorite images from each family’s session. Thank you all so much! Merry Christmas!

the Barwick’s
the Blackmon’s
the DeGregorio’s
the Eason’s
the Eller’s
the Poole’s
the Howell’s
the Jenning’s
the Byrd’s
the King’s
the Kingston’s
the Lin’s
the Midgette’s
the Moore’s
the Price’s
the Salemo’s
the Guyton’s
the Seagle’s
the Sessom’s
the Smith’s
the Strickland’s